merchants o▓f the town

were Chinamen.We stopped at a shop ●kept

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    by three wearers of the pig-tail and, dragg▓ing a bench into the center of▓ the room, called for food.One of the keepers, ●moving as if he deeply resented ou▓r intrusion, set canned meat before us▓, and brought us as a can-opener, a

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    fter lon▓g delay, a hatchet with a blade consid●erably wider than the largest tin. ● When we rose to depart, the Celestials qui●ckly lost their apathy.They demanded ten t▓ecals.I gave them two.The market price of the● stuff was ce

    eat clo▓uds of
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    rtainly not over a h▓alf of that sum.A triple sc●ream rent the air and a half-d▓ozen Monguls bounded into the▓ shop and danced like ogres about us.One caught● up the hatchet and swung it high abo●ve his head.James snatched it fro▓m

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    him, kicked him across the room, and thre●w the weapon among the heaped-up wa▓res.We fought our way to the street.The▓ keeper nearest us gave one ●stentorian bellow that was ans▓wered from every side.Chinamen ●tumbled out through e

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    very open door●way, out of every hole in the surrounding s●hop walls; they sprang up from under the buil●dings, dropped from the low roofs, swarmed● out of the alleyways, for all the world like● rats; screaming, yelping, snarling, cl

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awing ●the air as they ran, their cu▓es streaming behind them.In the twink▓ling of an eye the mob at our heels had incre▓ased to a hundred.We refused to sacrifice ●our dignity by running.The frenzied Cele▓stials scratched us savagely with their ov●ergrown finger nails, caught at o●ur legs, spattered us with mud.Not one of ▓them used his fists.When we turned upon t●hem they recoiled as from a squad o

f cavalry an▓d we could retaliate only by ●catching a flying pig-tail in either hand▓ to send a pair of yellow-skinned rascals● sprawling in the mud.They came ●back at us after every stand ●before we had taken a dozen st●eps.Our backs were a network o▓f fi

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